CharityLounge International



To be the leading platform and channel that brings meaningful and quantifiable impact to the society via community based projects and initiatives with the support of generous individuals and organizations.

To serve as the link to Public Spirited individuals and organizations and afford them the opportunity to use their resources to influence positive and tangible changes in the society for the benefit of mankind.

1. To create media driven platforms of engaging stakeholders on pressing issues facing our society.
2. To organize fundraising events geared towards supporting the implementation of preventive and protective strategies for community based projects.
3. To sensitize stakeholders on the importance of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) at the lower scope and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the higher scope.


We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives through reviewing our projects and feedbacks from supporters.

Our Major aim is to provide a business of ‘giving back’ working with other Non-Profit Associations, Philanthropists,  Corporate Organistations, etcetera, to meet the aspirations and needs of our service users.


  1. Charity Lounge provides a supported project services and participatory endorsement driven by immediate needs and wishes of the service users.
  2. Be an Integral component in corporate and individual social responsibility projections
  3. Unify and motivate volunteers around shared values and projects
  4. Forge closer links between NGO(s), Charity Homes, Philanthropist and non-profit associations
  5. To encourage celebrations at Charity Homes as a means of community service engagements
  6. Supporting Charity Concerts, Benefits Event in coordination and awareness.
  7. Generating Business ideas and events  in Raising funds and awareness for Non-Profit Association